How good would your memory be ‘IF’ YOU are a Simulated Person in a Copied Reality AND you read about these Possibilities?

One of the deducible and in fact readily observable and therefore measurable effects of being managed by invisible simulation software with respect to any information that would be WORRYING to a simulations designer is that ‘IF’ you do make the mistake of specifically reading ‘worrying’ information (from the simulation designers point of view) then AMAZINGLY […]

Where are the Definitions of Glitch, Anomaly and Artefact for a Simulated Reality?

Have you managed to figure out what other information would be seriously useful ‘IF’ you wanted to have even a basic chance of ‘THINKING’ about realistic ‘earth as a simulation’ project possibilities BUT which is ALSO missing? Well, imagined ‘experts’ never define what a glitch or an anomaly would be ‘IF’ we are in some […]

How Would a Simulated Persons Behaviour in a Simulated Reality Be Different to a Real Persons Behaviour in a Real Reality?

‘IF’ there was a chance that we might be in a simulation then don’t you think a seriously good rational, objective question to use to apply some REASONED THINKING to would be the following . . . “Would you expect there to be observable differences in the behaviours, attitudes, understandings, beliefs and responses between a […]

Why has NO ONE Written in Detail of what it would be like to be a Simulated Copied Person?

How come all of the ‘new age’ sayings that I list below would actually turn out to be correct ‘IF’ we are simulated copied people living in someone’s simulation project? Earth Represents Everyone and Everything ✓ There Is Nothing New in ALL OF CREATION ✓ Earth is the Centre of Everything ✓ Each Person’s Experiences […]

Do we Originate from Source? Is EVERYTHING Interconnected & Interdependent of Everything & Everyone in all of Creation? How could this be TRUE?

Let’s take the workings of a simulation project to a new ‘depth’ of understanding and appreciation . . . I want YOU reading this to look at your RIGHT hand . . . NOW . . . ‘IF’ you are in a simulation, then there will be a software routine (or 100) written that deals […]