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Latest Highly Evolved Ascended Master Being Earth Sighting Predictions

Latest Ascension Readiness Information from the best ‘Higher Dimensional Ascended Master’ Channel (Guaranteed Recyclable, Dimensionally Biodegradable and SH Free) . . . l.a.t.e.s.t . . h.i.r.e . . n.e.w.s . . j.u.s.t. . . I.N. . . . . . . Highly high, highly evolved higher Dimensional Hi Beings from Hy will be landing in […]

2012 End Time Ascension Event Time Delay Crisis

In the near future the guardians of the sacred bank of infinite temporal time keeping time keepers will realize (any time now) that they’ve been wily-nily dishing out too much poor quality sub prime time to too many time deprived people (just so some time rich crazies can grab more time by creating unregulated virtual […]

2012 End of Earth Cycle Pole Shifting Banking God Conspiracy Predictions

There will be an unprecedented earth based pole shift as the end of the earth cycle time approaches. This wont be just one single isolated pole shift; ‘NO’ 2012 Earth Cycle Polar Shift Predictions Wrong? All of the predictions are now considered to be completely wrong . . . There will be many individual earth […]

Is Awareness of Merkabah Vehicle Crashes Rising?

Once again we are the first to reveal yet more shocking cover ups that the spiritual authorities have been covering up AND hiding . . . Are you aware that incidents of Merkaba vehicle crashes have been increasing dramatically in recent years? Even more shocking!!! . . . Are you aware that most even dedicated […]

New Age, Spiritual & Lightwork Global Surreal Satire

I’m going to use my blog space to present a surreal and satirical outlook on new age, spiritual, healing and lightwork topics. I’ll probably throw in some predictions too because everyone seems to . . . I’ll also try and make these topical with regards current global events and craziness too . . . I […]