Satirical New Age News

Having spent 5+ years fully absorbed in the ‘new age / lightworker’ paradigm to eventually become VERY unimpressed with all of these, then this section presents some Satirical / Surreal angles on the new age, ascension, ‘lightwork’ and ‘higher’ spiritual areas often mixed in with ‘global’ topics. This is explained more fully in the first post below. So, PLEASE, don’t confuse these satirical posts with this sites main article PAGES which are all SERIOUSLY ‘Serious’ and in many cases very scary too.

‘Revealed’, the Latest Episode of the EPIC ‘LIGHT’ Battle Against the Unholy Depraved & Drab, Dark Forces?

Yes, unknown to you all, Ascended Master Zebedee and Archangel Dougal of the Magical Light Roundabout Entertainments Division have been dedicated in keeping all lightworkers and new age healers magically entranced with the longest running ‘light’ entertainment dark forces drama series ever presented at the start of any new millennium. They”ll keep you entertained and […]

2012 End of Earth Cycle Pole Shifting Banking God Conspiracy Predictions

There will be an unprecedented earth based pole shift as the end of the earth cycle time approaches. This wont be just one single isolated pole shift; ‘NO’ 2012 Earth Cycle Polar Shift Predictions Wrong? All of the predictions are now considered to be completely wrong . . . There will be many individual earth […]