Earth Cycles

2012 End of Earth Cycle Pole Shifting Banking God Conspiracy Predictions

There will be an unprecedented earth based pole shift as the end of the earth cycle time approaches. This wont be just one single isolated pole shift; ‘NO’ 2012 Earth Cycle Polar Shift Predictions Wrong? All of the predictions are now considered to be completely wrong . . . There will be many individual earth […]

Akashic Record Origins, History & Corruption

This is page 5 of 9 of an article series on: “Akashic Records; what they are, their origins, accessing and reading them. Understanding ‘Life between lives’ and future life records. Akashic record history & corruption particularly to support Spiritual Missions, keep hidden Spiritual Hierarchy efforts to erode our subtle abilities, deliberately gift traumatizing earth lives […]

Lightworker Contributions to the Atlantis End Times & Atlantis Destruction

This is page 21 of 24 of an article series on: “The Etheric Implants ‘Managing’ Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more ‘Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways’ specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the […]