Spirit Guides

Bound and enslaved Spirit Guides

This is another area that we have not seen discussed anywhere . . . . So we ask you; What rights do you give your guides? What rights do they have? What are their terms of employment with regards guiding you? Are they free to leave? And who makes this decision? Are you treating your […]

Why should I trust my spirit guides?

I expect that some of you will be shocked at even the suggestion that ‘spirit guides’ cannot be trusted. If you are then I suspect that you wont even start to read this page and be quite happy about limiting your understandings? I have a lot of experience dealing with limiting guides and examples which […]

Who or what are Spirit Guides?

These are beings or entities present in other realities who are interacting with you here to facilitate you in some way. This interaction is via the energy forms of yourself. The terms spirit guides or spirit helpers is often a generic term for any beings that are presently working with you. Some authorities subdivide into […]

All About Spirit Guides & Helpers

As usual on this site, we give you some different perspectives and certainly a more balanced if not a way beyond the edge outlook with regards spirit guides. This section on spirit guides will be an eye opener for most of you . . . if you work with guides, if you VALUE your guides, […]