SoulWork, Self Healing & Self Exploration & Subtle, Simulated & Matrix Reality Investigations

At the present time there are almost 100 pages of very coherent ‘evidence’ on this site that we are simulated, software defined people living in an entirely artificial and ‘observably’ anomaly ridden reality. There are also about 500 ‘older’ pages describing and discussing a wide range of decades of ‘research’ of my explorations of subtle energy, ‘spirit’, spiritual realities, energetic healing as well as commentary on the new age population and lightwork. These pages document my unfolding and continually changing ‘understandings’ as well as the conclusions I have in time, been forced to come to that then ‘naturally’ led me to speculate on the ‘crazy’ possibility that ‘perhaps’ we are simulated people living in a ‘simulation’.

The simulation pages you will find here use our own basic knowledge of operational simulations (that are in common use here) as a ‘logical’ starting point to apply some simple & extended reasoned ‘thinking’ lines that then very naturally and ‘unbelievably’ lead us to become aware of all sorts of very obvious ‘anomalies & artefacts’ that a simulated copied reality absolutely CANNOT AVOID HAVING PRESENTED TO OURSELVES, what is very ‘worrying’ for ourselves, is that every single one of these ‘anomalies & artefacts’ are visibly present in our own reality . . .


The bottom line is that there is much presented on this site that you won’t find presented elsewhere, ‘IF’ you are new here and you are are a curious / searching / enquiring type and or are trying to understand WTF is going on in your life / with yourself / your relationships and or in an overall sense what is ‘happening’ in our own little ‘demented’ reality here ‘EVERYWHERE’ (and more importantly ‘why’) then I advise that you read this entire page first to give yourself some ‘basic’ grounding in terms of the full scale of what is presented on this site as well as it’s historical ‘unfolding’ context.

The ‘Outcome’ of Dedicated Inner Self, Healing & Focused Reality & Self Explorations Focused on Resolving Negative Issues . . .

I am ‘Clive Hetherington’ I have been studying, researching, exploring and above all seriously questioning ‘the nature of all facets of our reality, health and healing’ and our approaches to address and resolve health and healing issues for over 35 years. I had a very strong vested interest in trying to understand never mind resolve some serious and debilitating personal issues because I personally ‘HAD’ many (these are listed on this page here) . . . . . . . I ended up spending decades orientating myself to ‘myself’ and my inner states as part of exploring way beyond the edge to be able to resolve each of my original issues properly (this is explained in more detail on this page here (which includes ‘exercises’ to help you start to do this for yourself)).

Now, because there are ‘decades’ of my ‘work’ presented here, then to avoid confusion (because I’ve researched indepth many things and on finding them severely ‘inadequate’ I’ve then ‘moved on’ and taken my investigations and research to deeper levels) then I’ll give a brief ‘timeline’ relating to the different distinct ‘sections’ offered here. This is because some people have been ‘confounded’ because it ‘appears’ as if some pages here contradict other pages. This is because they do, and this is because as my experiences and exploration efforts have changed my understandings then my perspectives on what I ‘have been‘ involved in, in the past have changed quite drastically.

Firstly, there are what I have labelled as my ‘Original SoulWork Articles’ these describe my earlier explorations and experiences while trying to gain understanding of and resolve some of my own persistent and debilitating issues. In some of these earlier articles I gave ‘hints’ about some ‘disturbing’ things that I was finding because I was dedicated to openly understand and find means to COMPLETELY resolve everything that ‘contributed’ to my issues at their ‘origins’.

Deeper Understandings of Subtle Energetic Realms, Spiritual & ‘Simulated’ Realities and Self Healing Effectiveness

Then we have the; ‘Scary, Shocking Article Series’ which present depths of to be honest very ‘worrying’ information and detail on healing, therapies and new age and lightwork as well as spiritual topics that I’ve not seen presented elsewhere:

No one else would ‘actually’ dare write these, because:

In Healing, Spiritual, Subtle & New Age terms, they ‘Contradict’ . . .


My debilitating life issues forced me to ask difficult, enquiring but ‘realistic’ questions. For example about how subtle energetic healing ‘actually’ REALLY works, what is actually ‘really’ being done and ‘why’ for example? What is ‘actually’ and ‘fundamentally’ responsible for peoples negative and debilitating issues and what is ACTUALLY REALLY needed to address every single thing that has ever contributed to any specific debilitating issue. This second set of articles describe my experiences and what I found when exploring the subtle reality directly and deeply while beginning to gain some understanding of the ‘real’ subtle causes of my own (and as a healer) others debilitating issues directly myself rather than assume that our current ‘healing tools and therapeutic approaches’ or so called spirit or healing guides already know ‘everything’ and are actually dealing with all that is contributing to any issue properly at their origins. Shocking it turns out that ‘they’ and ‘WE’ aren’t dealing with anything properly!!!

Just in case any one reading this has being backed into a ‘sceptical’ corner then I should perhaps point out that my ‘original’ training and ‘profession’ was as a medical research scientist (research papers I contributed to in this early phase can be found here).

So, what is presented on this site is the work of a very competent ‘real’ scientist unhampered by any straight jacketed assumptions such as: ‘there is only the physical and you can only research ‘properly’ what you can physically see and record’.

Some basics about ourselves and ‘reality’ may come in handy . . . so here they are:

The ‘majority’ of people in our population here are simulating someone whom as a subtle being (living within a subtle energetic strata that is ‘parallel’ to the physical (the subtle can be thought of as high frequency ‘matter’). The simulated subtle form of most people here is then simulated as being interfaced to a simulated animal form (more commonly referred to as a ‘human’ here).

The evidence of ourselves as subtle beings that are ‘incarnated’ i.e. that is ‘interfaced’ to an animal form is ‘extensive’. It does however take some dedicated ‘thinking’ effort to identify and ‘put together’ the clues relating to this possibility. To peruse the evidence that is ‘highly’ suggestive of ourselves being subtle beings interfaced to a physical animal form then read this page:

How a ‘Matrix Reality’ Model of Subtle Form Interfaced to a Physical Animal Body Explains & Validates many Anomalous, Paranormal & Spiritual Experiences.

This page provides an eminently reasoned and logical basis for ourselves as subtle beings as well as providing a valid basis for the so called ‘spiritual’ information that is presented by various people within our simulated reality here. To ‘start’ to get your head around some logical and reasoned ‘simplistic BASICS’ then I’d advise that you read the linked page about 2/3 times to give yourself a decent starting baseline. The above page will KILL AS DEAD AS A DODO any idea you or anyone else has that our reality is in the slightest ‘real’ – it AIN’T . . .

‘IF we are all androgynous asexual subtle beings, being interfaced to a bizarre two gendered male and female divided physical human body form then you can with some more ‘modest’ thinking effort deduce a whole raft of anomalies associated with gender that will be presented within this population.

Coincidentally, this page here:

Androgynous, Asexual Subtle Forms Interfaced to a Two Gendered Physical Body Will Present Anomalies Related to Gender Explains & Validate Transgender Experiences

Does just this . . . and ‘reveals’ that every anomalous ‘gender’ presentation you can deduce will arise if androgynous folks are being interfaced to and divided into human males and females life after lifetime WE HAVE THEM ALL PRESENTED RIGHT HERE. As such you are also recommended to read that page a few times to . . . and particularly if you want to have some baseline understanding of WTF is going on here AND how easy it has been to prevent people from figuring out the obvious ‘implications and that explain many of the anomalies here and ‘particularly’ anomalous experiences that are not only consistent for many people BUT which have also been consistent through long spans of time too . . . in other words many people present the same i.e. many have say gender issues and or awareness of none physical presences for example AND these anomalies have been consistently experiences for many people for decades, if not many centuries . . .

An Example of Advanced ‘Reality’ Research Investigating & Compiling Evidence of ‘Simulation’ Translated Human Form Origins

Let me give you an example of how my head joins dots between ‘apparently’ disparate sets of information . . .

If you do actually read the pages I recommend above AND you read some of the simulation evidence pages then you may be allowed (after some concerted ‘thinking’ effort) to figure out that the simulation / physical con combination actually ‘implies’ some annoying and ‘obviously’ highly delusional ‘impossibilities’ which is that we should actually have many intelligent ‘people’ here, actually ‘living’ as many different animal species. I.e. not just as humans.

Hark!!!, I can here the gasps of disbelief already!!!

You will have to bare with me for a few paragraphs!! The simulation we are all living within attempts to ‘disappear’ some of the more obvious ‘simulation’ clues (that even scientist types may become suspicious of) by sneakily converting (by means of automated species translation software) all species of intelligent animal forms into the one size fits all ‘human’ meat suit.

NO WAY!!! This cannot be true, I hear you exclaim!!!

I mean really!!! Come ONNNN!!! If this was true then some academic or scientist ‘somewhere / anywhere in fact’ would have ‘already’ spotted some of the obvious clues of this being done? Surely, if this was correct then one or two of them would have done this by now? Yes, that is what you would ‘expect’!!!

On the other hand, could you, YES ‘YOU‘ reading this compile evidence that would strongly suggest or even ‘shock horror’ confirm this possibility? MMMMmmmm? Could you?

The ‘Ultimate’ Basic Observation Abilities, Basic ‘Figuring Out’ Skills, Intelligence & THINKING ‘Competency’ TEST . . .

OK, then!!! Here is something for you to spend time ‘chewing’ over!!! The best thing to do as a start is to select some specific ‘animal’ form/species that is ridiculously, unbelievably different to the human form. It’s best to do this as this will make it easier for you to figure out the clues. Now, just to make it easier for you I’m going to pick a ‘CRAB’ form for you to ‘attempt’ to spend time thinking about in ways that may have you figuring out some of the evidence clues to ‘support’ this ‘crazy’ possibility . . .

Now, I’m specifically picking a ‘Crab’ form because it is likely to be the most different animal form you can possibly have compared to a human? In picking such a massively different animal form, it will be much easier to think about and to then become aware of any crab originated ‘behaviour and physical body difference’ clues?

To, help you do this FASTER, then all you need to do is to spend some time ‘imagining’ what it would be like to be a crab, living moment, by moment, day in day out as an eight legged, two fingered, armoured, flat topped creature living and moving around mostly underwater. As you are doing this ‘as a crab’ then every so often switch to ‘human’ and compare what the differences are. Doing this will help you to become aware of crab to human body differences which will perhaps won’t translate well into a human form? Spending some time looking at pictures and videos of crabs will also help to make you aware of the obvious physical differences as well as the embedded ‘crab’ behaviours that are starting point clues!!!! Embedded behaviours such as a crab will ALWAYS pick up and put food into its mouth using hands that ALL THE TIME just have one finger and a single thumb. This ‘might’ ignite some ‘cognitive processes’ all on its own!!!!

So, your ‘impossible’ mission is to figure out some of the really, REALLY stupidly obvious CLUES that have ALWAYS been eminently ‘observable’ to ‘all’ alleged humans here that all add up to ‘worrying’ proof that some simulation designer actually had the audacity to (in plain sight) convert incarnated ‘crab’ people into humans. . .

I should also mention that this is ‘not’ a joke, it is ‘actually’ stupidly obvious who our ‘crab’ people here are. So, if ‘you’ reading this manage to become aware of some of the literally 100’s of humans as crabs clues then, quite simply the very next ‘stark’ question is this . . .



3. Simulation Argument & Evidence that we are in a Simulation

So, having spent almost 3 decades engaging with and directly investigating, and STRIPPING DOWN the subtle strata of reality, then despite that the subtle strata of reality is entirely real (at least, it’s as real as the simulated physical here) then ANY decent researcher type ‘PROPERLY’ investigating this ‘strata’ of reality would have had to be brain dead not to eventually figure out that EVERYTHING OF THE SUBTLE STRATA IS COMPLETELY MANAGED and NOTHING of our healing approaches from ‘medicine’ all the way through to any alternate healing modality you’d care to name are all absolutely NOT doing anything correctly (read this page here for more details/ a better explanation of this). Spirit guides are MINDERS, they turn up automatically to provide you with essentially ‘shit’ propaganda (which you are manipulated to ‘believe’ (as I was for a while)).

However, if you are competent and PERSISTENT then you will eventually manage to figure out that specific issues you simple cannot resolve at all (despite that you SHOULD BE ABLE TO), unless you make yourself a complete pain in the arse then they are resolved BUT only temporarily (basically this is done just to get you to F*** OFF). To understand this then read this series here).

EARTH AS A SIMULATION Presenting Software Defined Copied Simulated People living in a Copied ‘Virtual’ Reality . . .

What I describe above and many other oddities eventually had me figuring out that we can only be in a simulation (as software defined copies of other people, with each of us living out someone else’s pre-defined life) AND strangely ‘IF’ you are allowed to make an effort to THINK about these possibilities then you can start figuring out all sorts of things AND simultaneously you can find yourself accumulating a massive, huge, UNBELIEVABLE abundance of easily deducible, readily OBSERVABLE evidence of this being the case.

I should ALSO point out that what many people describe as subtle or spiritual experiences AREN’T, many of these types of experiences are actually virtual reality and or physical neural implant originated experiences. In other words, MANY so called negative ‘subtle / spiritual’ originated issues such as entity and spirit attachments, implants, internal negative voices, spirit guides, higher dimensional beings are also NOTHING to do with the subtle or spiritual either. They are simulation software translated Virtual Reality (VR) experiences OR they are due to physical implants as neural enhancements being translated by the simulation INTO  subtle and spiritual experiences to keep their origins obscured (guess from who!!!).

Anyone with ANY debilitating personal issues and ANYONE interested in understanding the nature and functioning of our own ‘demented’ and anomaly filled reality here should read all of the pages in the following series . . .

State of the art Reality Investigations . . .

There are plenty of articles here presenting the NOT expected . . . . there are also many articles presenting things that contradict pretty much everything that even people that imagine themselves to ALREADY be ‘very’ open minded will find worrying.

If you want to know more about my general ‘personal’ background then pages on provide these. For pages/articles covering my extensive ‘anomalous’ personal experiences, my experiences as a healer therapist as well as my ‘extended’ perceptual abilities then you could check out my other sites which are listed here . . . . however, for all of these that want to bring themselves up to date on my latest research/work offering page upon page of evidence that we are simulated people living in a simulation which include exercises to help readers engage with ‘hidden’ VR and neural implant experiences and abilities that the person you are simulating had then this is the site to read . . . all the simulation articles, simulation ‘awareness’ exercises and the rest are listed in the yellow and green link box sitting in the sidebar on the right and above . . .

SoulWork, Self Healing & Self Exploration & Subtle & Simulated Reality Investigations

I offering self and advanced reality exploration exercises, advice focused on self healing and how to handle ‘useless’ spirit guides, a free self healing handbook, and in the past a healing enhancement products and a full time self reclamation course.

There are  many hundreds of pages here covering many expanded topics focused on subtle energies, healing, spiritual paths, therapies and new age and lightwork that offer greater detail and more depth of understanding than anything I’ve seen presented elsewhere while also being of an inquiring and questioning, searching and ‘researching’ nature.

Self Discovery; Gaining Deeper & Expanded Understandings of Yourself & the Subtle & Simulated Realities

I have been researching, exploring and above all seriously questioning ‘the nature of our reality AND our healing approaches’ for over 30 years not just for the sake of doing this BUT because I was very serious about and had a vested interest in trying to understand never mind resolve some serious and debilitating personal issues (these are listed on this page HERE) . . . . . . . I had to dig way beyond the edge to be able to resolve each of these issues properly. So, the ‘Original SoulWork Articles’ present some of my earlier explorations and experiences while trying different means to understand and resolve my persistent and debilitating issues. In some of the earlier articles that I wrote 15+ years ago I gave ‘hints’ about some ‘disturbing’ things that I was finding because I was dedicated to openly understand my issues and their subtle origins.I should point out that my training and ‘profession’ is as a medical research scientist (research papers I contributed to in this earlier phase can be found here). So, what is presented in these pages is the work of a ‘real’ scientist unhampered by any delusional assumptions such as: ‘there is only the physical and you can only research ‘properly’ what you can physically see and record’.
Deeper Understandings of Subtle Energetic Realms, Spiritual Realities and Healing Effectiveness

1. Original SoulWork/New Age ‘Focused’ Articles

These cover my earlier time (15 to 20 years ago) working with different healing, therapy and spiritual modalities and healing approaches and cover my experiences of these and the questions that arose because of my deep involvement in these. The main title pages are in the ‘SoulWork’ menu on the right and below.

2 Scary, Shocking, Terrifying (Post Lightwork) Articles . . .

Then we have articles which describe what I have found because I sincerely and directly investigated and researched the subtle energetic origins and causes of negative and debilitating life issues for myself. A menu of each of these articles main title and entry pages you will find on your immediate right in the sidebar here. Most of the topic titles under each separate series heading lead to between 10 and 30 sub pages.