Advanced Soul Exploration & Self Healing Exercises Introduction

I present numerous exercises on this site to target trauma, situation, relationship, gender and life limitation issues (basically ‘everything’) the most recent are listed below. Extended information as well as instructions are given on each page. Click on the linked numbered titles to reach the page the exercise is on.

If you are not familiar with this web site then you are recommended to read the home page to help ‘orientate’ yourself as this site presents much that is seriously ‘off the edge’ compared to any of my other sites (or in fact any other site on the web). To read the home page, click the ‘Home’ link in the menu above on the left. You are advised to read all of the linked pages that are recommended on the home/front page as ‘things, our circumstances, our ‘reality” are a lot more complicated than anyone imagines.

The self healing exercises are presented in reverse order as the newest are the outcome of feedback and improved understandings based on the earlier exercises.

1) – Self Healing, Self Exploration Exercise Set-8 : Targeting ALL Scripted ‘Debilitating/Unwanted/Limiting/Containing’ Experiences

  1. Targeting ALL Scripted ‘Debilitating/Unwanted/Limiting/Containing’ Experiences & Symptomatic ‘Effects’
  2. Targeting Scripted Items that Block/Stop Access to Scripted Items
  3. Others ‘Experiences/Trauma’s/Trt’s’ Used to Impact MYSELF
  4. Influence, Infiltration of Sleep, Dreams, Sub Conscious, Symbolic, Archetype & Collective Conscious ‘Managing’ Influences
  5. Defining & Maintaining Gender/Personas/Roles
  6. Make me into a Useful ‘Puppet/Slave/Worker/Functionary’

2) – Self Healing Exploration Exercise Set-7 – Targeting ALL Defining Origins of ALL Personal Behaviours & Patterns

There are many exercises/focuses presented on this one page,

I would recommend that anyone new here work with the focuses on this page. Which include the following:

  1. Target Scripted Experiences, Patterns & Behaviours, Debilitating Sim Software & ‘Everything’ Else
  2. Target Dream, Sub & Collective Conscious Originated Influences
  3. WHO I AM, MY Identity, Personality, Sense of Self, Gender, Sexuality & Openness
  4. Scripted Roles, Positions, Offices, Duties, Obligations, Functions, Ceremonies and or Rituals (also targets binding contracts, oaths, pacts and or subtle enforcers (entity attachments)).
  5. Targeting Anyone/Anything Keeping Manipulation Origins/Designers Hidden
  6. Targeting Management/Influences Applied to Myself & Close Others
  7. The Progression of Trauma & Past ‘Hurts’ & Our Reactions & Responses to these & Reminders of these

3) – Self Healing Exercise-6 – Targeting Being Made into a Cut Down, Contained, Limited Pre-Defined Version of Myself

This focus / exercise targets anything turning me into a pre-defined future ‘FU’, Cut Down, Contained, Limited Version of Myself. It specifically focuses on the

There are some specific sub areas that are also pre-defined for very specific facets of yourself which are also targeted by this exercise include; your interactions with others, your personal skills, abilities and or capabilities, your scale of personal knowledge, understandings and or wisdom and your curiosity & awareness of reality and anomalies  . . .

4) – Self & Soul Healing Exercise-5 – Target what Keeps Me Disengaged From & Manipulated by Trauma & Emotional & Psychological ‘Sore Points & Hurts’

Does what is says on the tin, it targets what presents you from engaging with and accessing and then ‘resolving’ trauma & emotional & psychological ‘sores & hurts’

5)  – Self Exploration, Healing Exercise-4 – Target what Defines & Contains MySelf & MyLIFE

Targets factors that are limiting and constrain9ing your life and experiences.

6) – Self Exploration, Healing Exercise-3 – Targeting & Investigating ‘Highly’ Complex Contributions of ‘SHIT’ to Myself

We are entirely software defined people and unfortunately this software is using different many aspects of ourselves to deliver and supply ‘SHIT’ in ways to IMPACT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ASPECTS of ourselves. So, for example it can send data as a dream, or as part of the subconscious or as dust particles that then cause you ANKLE PROBLEMS. I kid you not. It is also coordinating interactions between people in very precise ways to deliberately MAXIMISE ‘shit’ applied to ourselves. This exercise targets these areas.

7) – Advanced Self Healing Exercise-2 – A New, More ‘Passive’ Approach to Identifying ‘EVERYTHING’ Contributing to ‘YOU’

8) – Negative Issue Identifying Exercise 1: To Identify Everything that Defines or Contributes to ANY Negative Issue & My Moment by Moment Experiences

For a list of all exercises click on: EXERCISES: To Gain Direct Awareness of ‘Revealing’ Experiences that the person you are Simulating Had?