Advice & Suggestions to aid Personal Awareness of Negative Issues & Debilitating Life Patterns

Below is a page section taken directly from the manual that gave clients advice that would help them engage with themselves and think about themselves in different ways as part of what we were doing at that time.

Self Exploration to Help Identify Negative Issues and Life Patterns Advice; How to become more Self Aware and Self Attuned

So, just to help you get into the right ‘zone’ to look at yourself here are some leading questions that you should work through at least twice a week and send to me as part of your update (unedited). It is best to pick the days to do this RANDOMLY. Not Friday each week as a spread through out the week is best.

  1. HINT; Doing this on CRAP days is often more useful than on good days.
  2. HINT; Take note of sabotages that try and stop you doing this and what form those sabotages take?
  3. HINT; When things are conspiring to stop you doing this then this is a BIG INDICATION OF SOMETHING to take note of!!
  4. [ANOTHER HINT; When this happens then AT THE VERY LEAST TELL ME!!!!]
  5. [AND YET ANOTHER HINT; Don’t wait until tomorrow to take a note of this as the chances are then very slim that you will? How many days just went past after taking the last note and you still have not sent that e-mail?]

Some Self Help Reminders and Prompts to help Improve & Increase Self Awareness & Negative Issue Awareness

  1. What has effected me today? (Why did I feel as I did today? What were the effects of me feeling like this; What did this make me do? What did this make me not do?)
  2. What pushed me to do something? (watch TV, read, spend 15 hours making lunch, go out to buy ice cream, start to write a book)
  3. Why was I pushed? Did doing this stop me from doing something that might be more important? Like thinking about yourself?
  4. What should have effected me today that did not? (Why did I not react to ‘THIS’, Why when I was treated badly I did not react?)
  5. What did I do that I did not like doing? (Becoming over reactive? Getting very angry for example? Why do I not like this? Am I trying to stop myself from expressing or am I being made to over express?)
  6. What did I not do that I would have liked to have done? (Or felt better about, getting very angry for example?)
  7. What kept me pleasantly occupied? (Could something be making me do this?)

What event or interaction did I encounter today that made me feel in ways that;

  1. I do not like?
  2. I don’t find it easy to think about?
  3. Keeps me preoccupied – that I cannot let go of?

What event or interaction did I encounter today that made me think in ways that;

  1. I do not like?
  2. I do not want to acknowledge or think about further?
  3. That caused me to become preoccupied – that I cannot stop thinking about?
  4. Who or what am I thinking about today that I was yesterday too?

What did I not like about today? (Why did I not like this?)

  1. What is most stressing me, occupying me or irritating me today?
  2. What would I most like to change about today?
  3. What areas of life kept throwing similar things at me the last few days?
  4. What happened today that is a pattern that I try not to take notice of?
  5. How much of today have I just missed; been unconscious through, or been blanked out during?
  6. How much of today have I been so busy that I have not had time to engage my consciousness / awareness / be in touch with myself?

What else is going on?

  1. How much am I justifying my life? And doing so in terms of some belief or spiritual attitude?
  2. Why cannot I think of anything when I actually sit to do this? (Why have I not told Clive this?)
  3. How much of what I became aware of doing this list yesterday have I forgotten about (Have I not written down? Have I not told Clive about?) (Did I write it down but it got lost, the computer crashed, the file disappeared?)
  4. How much of what I thought about yesterday did I actually write down? (How much of what I have been writing down actually now makes no sense? What is causing this?)

All clients were given this self exploration guide and told to use it (refer to it) to help remind themselves and become aware of events, aspects, states and behaviours of themselves and particularly those that are being ‘blanked’ out or kept out of awareness.

As I state above they should have been using the above as a guide to do this twice a week at least.

Click the line below to download a .pdf of this if you want to work with this yourself.


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