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"New Age Ideology Contradictions. Could New Age Values, Expanded Higher Awareness & Light Trained Discernment all Miserably Fail? Would 'New Age' types be 'Awake' enough for example to stand against a Divinely Sanctioned Light Army plan to carry out large scale Unloving Dark Acts? Would they?"

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Have you noticed the spin used to persuade people to accept or go along with something ‘not good’ by having the ‘not good’ thing presented as a ‘good thing’?

How to Make ‘Something’ dreadfully NEGATIVE and bad seem like ‘A Good THING’?

I’ll give you some examples . . .

A meteorite strike on earth would generate massive amounts of energy, way more than we could generate or use in 1000’s of years . . . so if we are hit by a meteorite we could harness this and replace all that horrible nuclear power and those dreadfully noisy and landscape spoiling windmill things . . .

With global warming it’ll only be a few years before the sea level is meters higher and we’ll lose all our beaches . . . research shows that not having access to nice places to sun bathe will reduce skin cancers by 0.3 gazillion percent . . .

I’ve heard of similar types of ‘arguments’ spouted by new age, lightworker types desperate to convert something that’s actually dreadfully negative into something more ‘positively’ palatable.

I’ve even a full page horrific in-depth example of how the spiritual hierarchy themselves spun something seriously negative as a ‘good thing’ HERE.

A variation of the above is quite common in certain circles too. This spin tactic tries to convincingly explain something ‘dreadful’ as temporary symptoms that are side effects to the build of something that will happen in the future that will be reassuringly and amazingly ‘good’.

How to Spin Negative Symptoms & Effects as ‘GOOD’ Ascension Preparation Signs

Yea, we’re going to completely and properly regulate the banks sometime on a very defined but strangely far in the future date . . . eh!!! . . . by which time hopefully you’ll either have all forgotten about it . . . or . . . even better . . . it’ll be someone else’s problem.

Have you had any physical health problems or symptoms such as drained or low energy, tiredness, sleeping problems or forgetfulness, short term memory loss, attention deficit order, difficulty thinking clearly or abdominal weight gain or bloating?

Well, depending on who you are and your ‘level of awareness’ then the above symptoms and health problems are the result of;

Do some Ascension Signs & Symptoms represent Subtle Energetic Influences?

Drained or low energy, tiredness or sleeping problems
Auto cleansing technologies dispose of large volumes of people energy fields over time which contribute to low energy and tiredness. Tired and low energy is great to keep people disabled and in a ‘cannot be bothered’ state which would explain the huge numbers of subtle energetic crap acting to MAKE people tired and to drain their energy AND cause them sleep problems even nightmares. All of which helps to keep people in ‘low’ consciousness, passive and docile.

Forgetfulness, short term memory loss, attention deficit order, difficulty thinking clearly
There are huge numbers of different types of subtle energetic crap depressing memory, thinking and mental abilities and capacities. It’s much easier for ‘some’ to be able to do what ever they want if caring potentially aware people cannot think about things enough to ‘really’ notice them doing what they want.

Abdominal weight gain and bloating
Suppression of emotions, trying to ‘stay’ positive has Useless Help and other ‘spirit’ originated things leaping in and attempting to dowse their unbalanced clients with ‘universal’ energies to smother negative or difficult emotions while also pumping in stifling ‘feel good’ substitute ones. This overtime builds up 10,000’s of artificial subtle energetic layers within the energy body which is symbolically physically presented as body weight gain or bloating.

Of course this ‘bad’ is a good ‘symptom’ tactic only really works well if it’s ‘sold’ with the guarantee of these symptoms changing when some reassuringly amazingly ‘good’ thing happens on some (usually indeterminate) date in the future . . .

Ascension Delays, Disappointments, Set Backs & Experiences

I’d imagine that you reading this would think it would be impossible to achieve this?

I mean there is no way that anyone is going to be that gullible or naive are they?

Are they?

Well, apparently they are . . .

Yes, Christ will return, we will all be ruptured or raptured or something (isn’t that a type of dinosaur?) and end up in heaven

. . . oooppppss . . .

Silly me . . . bit of a mix up there . . . I was reading from the wrong ‘keep a population controlled’ plan . . .

Right . . . wait a bit . . . OK . . . I think I’ve found the right one now . . . I’ll start again . . .

Yes, Maitreya will return or Archangel Gandalf (or similar) will appear and we will all become ascended into a higher dimension or consciousness or awareness state where we’ll stop being tired or bloated or absent minded or thinking poorly (or something) . . . while all the stupid unaware people (particularly all those that have been taking the piss out of us) will end up on some badly refurbished, hand me down 2nd dimensional ‘fell off the back of a lorry’ clapped out pole shifted parallel world . . . or some such . . . serves the b*$t*r@s right if you ask me . . . good riddance . . .

Yea all them unaware b*$t*r@s that have not been helping one bit while all of us aware potential super ascended types we’ve been working really hard. Yea, REALLY hard . . . eh!! . . . actually . . . doing nothing much really, just positively sitting round getting occasionally disappointed (while trying not to show it) that we’ve not ascended yet . . . almost there though . . . just maybe yet another 5 minutes . . . then we’ll all be laughing . . .

. . . HhahahahHHHAAaahahahaHa!!!

Anyone want to buy a full set of the ‘Kings New Clothes’?

Yes . . . NEW STOCK . . . just in . . . ectoplasmically channelled and manifested through time by the magical being Archangel Gandalf and his staff . . . guaranteed ‘see-able’ by the higher dimensionally aware only . . . certified washable and colour resistant in all advanced dimensions . . . psychiatric shrink proof . . . just right for any imminent special ascension occasion . . . totally ‘appropriate’ for the VERY (cough, cough) discretely aware . . . get yours now . . . free delivery to any higher dimension of your choice . . . higher dimensionally challenged? . . . no problemo!!! . . . just hire a higher dimension . . . large portfolio for perusal . . . discretion guaranteed (no one will ever find out you’re as ‘dimensionally’ aware as a basket) . . . try before you buy . . . now all going cheep on tweeter . . .

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