Examples of Spiritual Insecurity, Fear & Paranoia

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What else are the Spiritual Divine Hierarchy up to that they’d never ever want presented?

In the Akashic records article series the page titled: Gifting Difficult People Traumatizing Life Events I present quite horrifying details of how the Spiritual Hierarchy ‘gifts’ specific people seriously traumatizing life events and circumstances from hell as part of their ‘life journey’.

I made it clear on this page that these types of ‘horror’ events are often gifted to people as suppressive distractions because they have abilities that might have them become aware that the Spiritual Hierarchy itself is managing and suppressing our entire population by using ‘behind the scenes’ subtle energetic means.

Toward the end of writing that earlier page ‘gifted people traumatizing life events’ page I became aware of how some of these life events from hell are actually used to the advantage of the Spiritual Hierarchy way beyond the immediate benefits of just £*c#ing up good people.

How Spiritual Insecurity, Fear & Paranoia can fuel Immensely Creative Endeavours

Being fear ridden and paranoid the Spiritual Divine Hierarchy make every effort to undermine particular groups and even entire societies that are either ‘powerful’, haven’t completely fallen for their propaganda lines, don’t actually agree with what they are doing or worse still want to do something different.

Being in charge of this earth space while also being not in the slightest inconvenienced by anything resembling integrity, honesty, ethics or morals the Spiritual Divine Hierarchy came up with an extra diabolical twist to their gifting specific people ‘traumatizing life events from hell’ plan.

I was quite impressed when I found all of this out as it’s actually quite creative.

So, what happens if;

Well what you do is this;

Examples of NOT dealing with Spiritual Insecurity, Fear & Paranoia Issues

You assign those ‘aware, subtly perceptive, honest, investigating’ types to be incarnated within these groups or cultures into positions where they’d have to be virtually brain dead to either;

So, basically the Spiritual Hierarchy use the very people with the qualities and abilities that they themselves are terrified of by arranging for such people to become incarnated were they will make the best use these qualities to undermine or expose or take a stand against a particular group or society that the Spiritual Hierarchy is also frightened of and or hateful toward too.

Fantastic Eh!!!

How to kill two birdies with one spiritual stone . . .

Even worse it’s often those who have a fair amount of decency, honesty, integrity, ethics and a strong urge to understand and resolve all the ‘earth’ shit, including their own whom will try their hardest to make things right and if they fail it can drive them to try even harder to understand what is really going on and to clean up or heal the mess particularly any they think they are partially or fully responsible for.

Perhaps this is why the Spiritual Hierarchy try so hard to make us all believe that negative things happening in our lives are due to our:

Because this is so much better than the REAL truth which is that fake ‘divine’, pretend ‘higher’ beings have consciously set you up to live out a traumatic, painful, horrific life event which would unfold virtually no matter what you did.

In which case a more realistic ‘life lesson’ mission (should you choose to take it) would be to become aware that fake pretend spiritual beings are setting you up and none of it is your fault and there is nothing you could do about it AT ALL (this web page will now self destruct in 10 seconds 9 . 8 . 7 . . . .)

It would also then be no surprise that they’d edit and fake some peoples past life Akashic records to make it less likely for someone to catch on that they’re being used and painfully abused by so called spiritual beings of the vile and evil light?

For a fantastic exposing but environmentally unfriendly ‘real’ example of how the so called ‘super’ Spiritual put the above into painful practice then read the next page . . .

If you can relate to what I write here then leave a comment below . . .

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