"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

You can consider this page to be a pre-introduction to this series with particular emphasis on . It is important that you read this page so that you understand what my ‘attitude’ and approach is to resolving healing / negative issues AND also so that you can understand in a basic sense what is actually HAPPENING in the audio’s.

All of my client ‘sessions’ were done over the phone (I’ve never met most of them) AND most sessions I recorded directly onto my computer. Because of this, I’ll have well over 1000 hours of recorded therapy / healing sessions the accumulated understandings of which directly resulted in myself writing the very ‘worrying’ scary pages.

Audio Examples of a Healing Practitioner Addressing Subtle & Spiritual Healing Issues

So, for this category section I’ve taken selected session audio’s that are focused around a specific issue and it is these that are being presented within this ‘healing, subtle and spiritual awareness and understandings’ audio section.

During each session we talk initially about what is going on with the client and this includes what the current ‘prominent’ issues are and then I guide the client initially in terms of what they THEMSELVES must state VERY STRONGLY internally so that mine and their conscious INTENTION directs the focus/intent/will/attention of the session which then ALSO has both of ourselves becoming aware of and engaging with what that ‘focus’ eventually brings into our ‘subtle perceptual, awareness, internal and inner senses’ view.

As you listen to these audio’s then you will notice that:

  1. We don’t just ‘stay out the way’ and unconsciously channel energies or ask guides or ‘source’ or even so called divine beings to ‘fix’ the problem.
  2. I don’t even just casually ‘tune in’ and then clairvoyantly look around for what is obviously visible.
  3. What I actually do is to actively hunt down the subtle THINGS that are responsible for my clients negative, debilitating and ‘shit’ issues.
  4. I also don’t ASK my guides to tell me ‘WHAT IS GOING ON’. Nope that’s far too disempowering (particularly as most guides are useless). I and my aware clients proactively try and find out what is going on OURSELVES and then I tell my subtle colleagues WHAT TO DO ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON.

During ‘sessions’ with clients I am also very consciously ‘feeling’ for resistance, misdirections and ‘anything’ attempting to hide from ourselves. If I feel anything like this is going on then we specifically re-direct our entire attention to identify anything acting in these ways. For example subtle beings that have something to do with the clients problems will often try and stay hidden or misrepresent themselves or push others as scape goats into the mix in attempts to keep themselves obscured and hidden. Such beings regularly try to misdirect or spin lies to ourselves too.

As about 99.9% of what is responsible for peoples negative issues (in subtle terms) is either automatically super hidden or is deliberately hiding AND those that are responsible for keeping subtle shit hidden are themselves ALSO trying to:

  1. Stop anyone from becoming aware that this is how it is and . . .
  2. They themselves are also trying and stay hidden from ourselves . . .

Which means that we often end up in ‘battles of will’ in terms of identifying all the subtle ‘shit’ and what is responsible for originating it (and or trying to keep it hidden).

Actively Hunting for Negative Healing Issue Origins & Causes

We always track down what is going on eventually (even if it takes years: you will not escape detection).

I shifted to this ‘head on’ pro-active approach because even after spending over a decade trying many spiritual paths, therapies and even working as a ‘new age, lightworker’ style healer NOTHING of these actually positively impacted my debilitating issues to a noticeable degree. This is why I decided to directly personally investigate to find out what in subtle terms IS responsible for and contributing to negative issues AND how to deal with these for myself.

So, like I describe here I gave up doing the seriously common paint by numbers unconscious healer practitioner ‘thing’ quite a while ago. I should point out that one of my most debilitating issues was a stammer and speech block which if you dare listen to any of these audio examples you’ll become aware that this issue is decidedly none existent now.

Subtle Awareness & Advanced Healing Technique Examples

What I do is actively, persistently and aggressively hunt for everything contributing to every single issue at its origins AND I then have to figure out how to deal with everything we find.

In taking this approach then it’s become impossible to ignore how much of the subtle ‘shit’ responsible for issues is being actively and OFFICIALLY kept hidden from ourselves by the beings that ‘others’ identify as the Spiritual Hierarchy and their sidekicks and workers.

This being very much the case, then we ALSO actively hunt down and reveal and expose what is trying to keep the majority of what is REALLY responsible for issues hidden. Which is why there are now about 300 scary pages on this site describing just some of what I found.

After each ‘directed willed focus’ on an audio which has us engaging with the issue then I and the client (if they also have a competent ‘subtle awareness’) will actively spend time ‘clairvoyantly’ perceiving, feeling out and LOOKING for what our focus ‘hits’ and reveals or in many cases partially reveals.

As this ‘looking, sensing, perceiving, feeling, checking and identifying’ might take as little as a few seconds or perhaps as long as 5 minutes then the longer and ‘annoying’ silences are considerably shortened in the audio’s.

Because the ‘real’ reality of the subtle and so called spiritual are a combination of ‘bizarrely ridiculous’ and ‘annoying’ then I am occasionally known to swear. However, this is counteracted somewhat by strong a sense of humor which tends to activate when I’m confronted with the seriously bizarre to such an extent that for some sessions ‘laughing’ too much is often the limiting factor in terms of dealing with what needs to be dealt with. It’s all good fun.

We often talk about and discuss what is going on, what we are trying to identify AND also then of how we should deal with what we do identify. We then ‘deal’ with it.

For any being that is spotted then I’m personally checking the personal ‘ties and attachments’ that this being has to others AND I’m identifying all of it’s immediate associates, friends, colleagues and any connections it has to any spiritual ‘group’ it’s got and so on. These close others, whom quite often also like to stay hidden either to avoid being confronted by myself (because apparently I’m ‘scary’) or in other cases it’s so they can try and sabotage what we are doing while trying to stay hidden from myself (strangely, this type of stupidity just makes me even more annoyed).

Identifying Sabotages, Misdirections & Misrepresentations During Healing Sessions

Simultaneously to all the above I’ll also be ‘feeling’ and working to identify misdirections, lies AND misrepresentations with regards ‘anything and everything’ that I become aware of.

So, for example ‘Bad, Negative and Psychopathic’ beings will often present themselves as ‘good’ which is apparently dead easy because our simulated reality here colour codes beings just in case your abilities to find things out for yourself are none existent. Our reality for the most part uses white, light, golden colours for beings that the simulation would like to persuade you are the good ones while it uses grey, dull and darkie colours to represent beings that it disapproves of.

I should also point out that my research colleagues in spirit (the wholesoulwork teams) that I PERSONALLY TRAINED are ‘research & investigation’ teams and like me they are EXTREMELY BUSY and not only will they NOT be impressed to have ‘anyone’ never mind INCOMPETENT and or DISRESPECTFUL people asking them to WASTE THEIR TIME they specifically WON’T respond to calls or demands for help although I am absolutely 100% sure that there will be plenty of useless spiritual hierarchy beings that will step in and pretend to be them and that these beings will just do the usual ‘OFFICIAL’ useless ‘paint by numbers, sticky plaster’ healing in their place.

I’ll repeat the above: “‘MY’ research teams are NOT public domain AND you can consider yourself to have been FULLY warned.”

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