The ‘Original’ SoulWork Articles

I’ve two sets of articles here some ‘newer’ scary ones and then some that were ‘originally’ written about a decade earlier with the following aims in mind at that time:

  • To give you a broader understanding of what I mean by Soul Transformation, Multidimensional Awareness, Freedom, Spirituality and so on. These same words are used by many, in many different contexts with many different meanings, as our experience appears to be quite different to others then one of the functions of these articles is to clarify what we mean.
  • To introduce you to some very different perspectives and concepts compared to what we see presented elsewhere about growth, spirituality, the soul, transformation, evolution and so on. We point out contradictions within healing, lightwork and spiritual paths and we ask difficult questions that come from open enquiry.
  • They will also help familiarize you with what we are doing for ourselves, what our approach is, what is involved and so on and how we may then facilitate you.

What is the current aim of the ‘Soulwork’ articles?

I’ve been involved in trying to understand and to resolve some debilitating issues for quite some time (about 32 years now) the original articles I’m keeping here because they were written toward the end of FULLY involving myself in many different modalities and working with the best that I’d found . . . they present what I learnt during an intense healing, energetic and lightworker phase.

They record and represent what a dedicated, deep and sincere search and self exploration brought me too . . . and hence . . .

. . . for ‘some of you’ they might just provide stepping stones to take them beyond where you are now (as they did for me) . . .

They will also give you some context to what led me to explore more deeply than others. In this respect these articles no longer represent in where I am now or my perspectives now.

These earlier articles chart a movement that led beyond themselves and hence they may help you gain new understandings, insights or perspectives to help you make a movement beyond where you are now.

These earlier articles series represent me becoming FULLY engrossed in the Spiritual, Lightwork and New Age paradigms, hence the terminology will be familiar to many of you. The new ‘scary’ articles are a movement into the DEEPER realities beneath and behind these which is why they are completely different and DON’T represent these earlier times.

The new ‘Scary’ articles represent a mid point between the older articles and where I am now (which is still shifting).

Each Article Series with a Brief Description

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SoulWork Self Exploration

14 articles covering all aspects of what we called SoulWork a self exploration, self healing, soul transformation approach. What this was about, it’s aims, how it differed from other presentations.

The right Use of Will, Intent & Focus

Some pages on using your will and directed intent appropriately.

Energetic Healing Explored:

Currently there are four sub topics covering different aspects of energetic healing . . .

Healing Perspectives & Possibilities

Expansive V Contractive healing

Basics About Energetic Healing?

Entity Attachments & Releases

All About Spirit Guides & Helpers

Different pages giving different perspectives on guides; how they are, different types as well as of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Larger Spiritual? Perspectives . . .

Give you some different things to think about with regards different accepted spiritual ‘wise’ sayings, truths and beliefs.

Lightwork Left Behind:

  • Lightwork Explored and Discussed
  • Different Perspectives and Considerations regarding Soul Qualities
  • Higher Self or Selves or Something Else?
  • The Limits of Intuition?
  • Lightworker, Hierarchy, Divine & Master Being limitations and issues