How to Define an Honest, Correct & Empowering Spirit Guide Relationship

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"How to Define an 'Honest, Correct & Empowering' Relationship with your Spirit Guides? Did you know that your Spirit Guides Attack others, lie AND keep secret what they 'really' do on your behalf? Why do many whom consider themselves 'Spiritual' remain unaware of the Contradictions of 'Spiritual' Protection?"

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Are you just assuming that your spirit guides will deal with yourself and others correctly?

Advice: How to Reduce the ‘Bad Behaviour’ Possibilities of Spirit Guides

If you want to have even a slight chance of ensuring that your spirit guides are actually operating with respect, integrity and honesty then have a read of the below and consider using it with a Determinedly Applied Focused Intent and Will. As in:

I WANT ‘THIS‘ . . .

What I give below is a comprehensive ‘statement of intent’ defining a more secure, honest and empowering relationship while also giving you more opportunities to deepen your understandings, empowering yourself as well as of expanding your healing and subtle skills, perceptions and abilities.

WARNING: Some of you will find that just casually ‘reading’ through what is below will cause your spirit guides to have fits and have them taking all sorts of dishonouring actions to get you away from here as fast as possible. The problem being is that the guides with the WORST attitudes whom want to continue doing what they’ve been doing will most likely make the biggest effort to be able to continue as they have been. You are also WARNED that spirit guides that are already ‘CORRECT’ won’t try and persuade you that you don’t need to do it either or that you’ve already done something like this in the past . . . and so on. Any spirit guides that are half decent would welcome having a formal ‘defined’ agreement that made everything very clear.

So, remember the above as you read the below and if when you get to the very end you actually want to ‘ACTIVELY’ use this for yourself then use the line after the FINISH to ‘engage’ with what is below with a Determinedly Applied Intent from the START on your second run through . . . GOOD LUCK

A Statement of Intent Defining your Spirit Guide Relationship, Ground Rules, Behaviour, Honesty & Empowering Attitudes Right Alignment

If this is your first time reading what is below then state the following:

For any spirit guides with me NOW. PLEASE TAKE NOTE I’m just ‘reading’ what follows I’m NOT applying this to you as spirit guides or to any other ‘beings in spirit’ relationships at this time, so I ask all my spirit guides to ignore what I’m reading as it doesn’t at this time relate to yourself.


I invite ALL my spirit guides and ALL beings in spirit that are NOW working with me in ANY capacity what so ever to come here now and to listen to what I have to say NOW . . . I want EACH AND EVERY being in spirit that is working with me or helping me to come to me now AND to listen to what I have to say NOW . . . I fully engage with each of these beings now . . .

I want you ALL to listen to me NOW . . . the following are my basic ground rules about how we work together . . . what I am stating here is my agreement defining my relationship with yourselves and you relationship to myself and they override all past rules, agreements and expectations . . . you will all be held to what I state here so you need to listen to what I present . . . any spirit guide that cannot hold to the terms I state here or that disagrees with ANY of what I state cannot work with me any longer and must leave . . . I DON’T want any being in spirit whom cannot respect what I ask for here to work with myself . . . from now on, for ANY spirit being to work with myself to guide me, protect me, teach me or to work with me in ANY other capacity no matter what this is you must agree to and accept the following terms . . .

firstly: you are not allowed under ANY circumstances to lie to me or to deceive me in anyway about anything . . . you also are NOT under any circumstances allowed to keep anything hidden from myself . . . if you cannot respect what I ask for here you are must leave now . . . secondly: I ask ONLY for guides that are honouring and respectful to myself and others to work with myself . . . in this respect under no circumstances do you have my permission to in ANYWAY, directly or indirectly for ANY reason attack any other on my behalf . . . you do not ever under any circumstances have my permission to respond to any attack directed at myself by attacking whom is doing this OR whom is responsible for this . . . in ALL attack circumstances you have my permission if you think it’s necessary to ‘protect’ my immediate space AND if necessary to ‘nicely’ restrain attacking beings AND most importantly you must informing me of what is going on . . . you must help me to become aware of any taking actions against myself and you must help me to learn how to deal with these myself . . . you must teach me or learn to teach me or find others to teach me how to deal with attacks and other and ALL subtle energetic things impacting and or influencing myself . . . IF between yourselves you don’t have these skills OR you are too incompetent to do this then you need to and you MUST find others that can help me in these ways . . . this will be your first task on my behalf with respect to this agreement . . . IF you disagree with ANY of this then your first and last job is to find other spirit guides whom will work with me with respect to what I define and state that I want here . . .

. . . I NOW, ALWAYS and ONLY want spirit guides whom are OPEN to change, whom are willing to accept that everything they know or believe in might be wrong . . . I NOW, ALWAYS and ONLY want spirit guides whom are willing to get involved with things they are NOT familiar with or that DON’T fit in with their current beliefs and whom are willing to learn and change as much as I want to . . . I NOW, ALWAYS and ONLY want spirit guides who are not only going to listen to what I ask for here BUT will take it seriously AND act on it . . . ANY not taking what I’m asking for here and now seriously are NOW sacked . . . this is not NEGOTIABLE . . . ANY spirit guides whom cannot respect what I am asking for here or whom cannot or wont fit in with what I’m asking for here and now . . . you are now sacked . . . you NOW don’t have my permission to work with me from this point on . . . nor do you have my permission for you yourself or anyone else to try and persuade me to change my mind about this . . . this is not NEGOTIABLE either

I state now that one of you is ALWAYS assigned to find another spirit guide team whom can take over from yourselves when I have learned all that I can from yourselves . . . I want new spirit guides that can take my understandings beyond what I hold to now ALL THE TIME and at least every 6 weeks . . . I ALWAYS and ONLY want spirit guides whom are NOT assuming that what they have always done is the best or is ‘right’ compared to anything else . . . new teams must have different and new skills, abilities and understandings compared to those I’ve worked with in that past so that I am always learning new things, so I am always moving beyond my past boundaries and zones of comfort and am always expanding my understandings, subtle abilities and skills . . . this is what I want . . .

Finally . . . EACH and EVERY Spirit guide whom has the courage to work with myself under these conditions MUST accept, agree to and abide by the above ground rules . . . these are not optional . . . what I have stated here overrides ANYTHING I’ve previous agreed to . . . it overrides each and every and ALL previous agreements, contracts, vows, pacts, promises, oaths and ANYTHING similar or ANY subtle energetic substitute or spell and everything else used to bind me to anything . . . I completely break all previous agreements of ALL types NOW . . . I REPEAT I completely break and release myself from all previous agreements and all implied agreements of ALL shapes, sizes and types NOW . . . I release myself and ALL others completely from ALL of these NOW . . . myself and ALL those whom were part of ANY of these part agreements are NOW freed from them . . . are no longer bound by them . . . I wont be held from this point on to ANYTHING that contradicts or goes against or that would hold me back with regards what I state here . . . I thank all of those that I made these past agreements with and I make it clear that I’m choosing to do things differently now and I ask that you respect my choice to do things differently compared to my past as I respect their choice to continue doing the same . . . IF you don’t agree with this or you stand against this then I ask that my spirit guides negotiate and break any necessary energetic ties to make this so AND if they cannot do this then I ask them to find spirit beings that can do this . . . to make what I ask for here happen . . .


If you want to use the above actively then continue reading and use the paragraph below to make it ‘active’ and then read it again with a DETERMINED WILLED FOCUSED INTENT . . . as in;


Defining an Honest, Empowering Relationship with your Spirit Guides

To ALL Spirit Guides working with me NOW


What I’m about to read I’m deadly serious about. I am directing this to EACH of those whom are my spirit guides and to all other spirit beings facilitating me at this time. This defines what I want from you. What I state, will define an agreement and our relationship with respect to how we work together and how you work with myself. What I’m about to read now supersedes and replaces all other agreements whether explicitly stated or implied . . .

Now, go back to the START above and state all of this as if you seriously mean it all of the way though until the FINISH line again.

If you can relate to what I write here or want to give feedback then leave a comment below . . .

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