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Many healers, therapists, spiritual people and others are concerned with ‘energy body hygiene’ or of how to address the build up of detrimental or negative energies in or around their energy field or energy body.

The same people are often regularly supplementing or recharging their energy fields too.

There are a growing number of practices and techniques to encourage and help everyone do these . . . which include;

Energetic Cleansing by Visualizing Flames . . .

There are various cleansing flames you can invoke. You could try the Magdalene flame or you can call on ‘source’ to cleanse yourself or ‘universal’ energies. Although the longest established cleansing method is the Violet flame, which I used to use myself at one time.

The Use of Crystals and Smudging

Some crystals have cleansing and charging properties as have bogi stones and smudging is an old favourite both in terms of clearing both your energy body and the space around yourself . . . I used to use ALL of those . . . I’ve been trying just about everything . . .

Energetic Shower Cleansers

The most modern energetic cleansing methods have you visualizing and invoking an energetic cleansing shower to ensure you are full cleansed all the way from your crown chakra down to your toes (and sometimes beyond) . . . yes . . . and . . . makes you feel all tingly too . . .

Space clearing; Negativity clearing of large spaces

It’s amazing how even with lots of protection and energetic barriers that are used specifically to keep ‘negative’ things out that they are often still finding negative energetic crap building up not only around their energy bodies but in their homes and work places too which then require that we take more time out to perform yet more clearings . . . .

Have you really thought about where all this negative crap REALLY comes from?

Why the need for Cleansing and Space Clearing?

Have you noticed that these types of clearing ‘practices’ as listed above are recommended more and more frequently, such that I’d imagine they’re almost considered ‘conventional’ . . . while the understandings or investigation of the origins of all of this negativity is all very vague really . . . or haven’t you noticed? . . .

The light, love, ‘positive’ protection barrier enigma . .

. . . you might have noticed that the people whom are regularly carrying out the ‘cleansing and clearings’ practices are often the ones also putting up lots of protective barriers while there is often more than a hint of a suggestion that such barriers should be made along particular ‘sensible’ light guidelines.

That’s to say that we are recommended to be making these barriers of light and love ‘frequencies’ AND for them to be aligned to the ‘light’ intentions (which is about blocking out dark and negative things) . . . so that’s probably what most of you do . . . which having been a light worker type in the past I’d have to admit to doing the same . . . while also in those times NOT really thinking about it either . . . not until I started to REALLY dig things up . . .

So, have any of you ever thought of what happens when you either ask to only have barriers to allow ‘good’ / ‘positive’, ‘love and light’ things through OR you use ‘lightwork’ based practices and invocations that somewhat do this automatically for yourself?

There is NO WAY that there could be any ‘negative’ consequences of doing this . . . could there? . . . let’s have a think?

So, let’s see then . . . you’re creating yourself or having ‘light’ affiliated beings or guides on your behalf putting up a protective containment barrier around yourself . . . and that these barriers through you asking or through your guides intention are going to ONLY be permeable to love, light and ‘positive’ energies . . . have you ever thought about the possible effects of having barriers that DON’T LET NEGATIVITY THROUGH?

So, basically if you’re following standard ‘light’ guide lines then your barriers should be of ISO 6000 approved safety standards and guaranteed to prevent any negativity from coming through and contaminating your shiny clean light body . . . so eh!! . . . where on earth would any negative energies that sometimes build up around protected people be coming from? How could this be happening? . . . Any ideas? . . .

Protective barriers cause negativity build ups?

Perhaps this negativity build up means that maybe these barriers aren’t actually doing a very good job? . . . although I’m sure that will be the case in some instances . . . it turns out to be MUCH worse than that . . . here’s the REAL shocker . . . in MOST cases it’s actually YOUR OWN negativity building up unable to get out . . . it’s all those pesky none ‘love’, none ‘light’ emissions within YOURSELF that are accumulating seemingly out of nowhere . . . and as these have hardly anywhere to escape to because of all of these barriers you’re accumulating lifetime after lifetime then the only thing that CAN HAPPEN is for these to build up and become so noticeable that you end up having to do a garbage disposal cleansing run . . .

Why the need to recharge a depleted & impoverished energy field?

Did you know that ‘most’ negative energies building up around yourself not only originate from yourself but actually often contain minute parts of your own energy body . . . which it seems we’re all unknowingly throwing out with the garbage . . . not only regularly in this lifetime BUT also regularly life time after life time . . . did you know that energy body depletion through cleansing (described in greater detail HERE) as well as of using particular so called ‘balancing’ practices are one of the main reasons why some people are having to supplement their energy field with ‘energetic’ top ups . . . did you know that? . . . . never mind that with people fearfully stuck behind what often turn out to be huge numbers of energetic barriers and containments (read the previous page or the ‘Example’ page later for more on these) which are actually acting as FILTERS then your energy body very VERY PROBABLY wont be getting all the energetic frequencies and resonances that it needs to maintain a healthy and vital energetic state either.

Why do subtle energy ‘aware’ people need to replenish their energies?

One of the reasons why some of us need to top up or keep recharging our energy field is because our protective barriers and energetic shielding are acting as filters and are cutting off and in effect starving our energy body of vital energetic resources . . .

Did you know that your energetic body is SELF MAINTAINING and is ALWAYS taking in energies from the environment around itself? Or maybe you’ve forgotten that all this food and water you take in is just for your physical body . . . maybe you’ve forgotten that your energetic body doesn’t actually need to eat ANYTHING . . . not even the odd bag of crisps to remain perfectly healthy? Which means that a healthy energy body should never EVER need charging or TOPPING UP . . . ALL of this subtle energetic protection some people are accumulating is a bit like US physically zipping ourselves inside about 500 sleeping blankets and then being a bit puzzled when we get short of oxygen, light never mind the inconvenience of trying to take in water and food . . . I’m sure you’d appreciate the ‘negative’ consequences of 500 sealing layers when you have a ‘strong’ need to go to the toilet for example . . . and of being unable to easily get rid of this ‘negative’ waste?

The causes of Energy Body Depletion, Starvation and Impoverishment

How many of you would think it would be ‘healthy’ to spend ALL your time in a darkened room, with little or no exposure to sun light and a limited and ‘foggy’ view out of the window while eating food depleted of essential nutrients and drinking stagnant water . . . particularly as even when you are out in the sun physically YOU’RE ENERGY BODY is still in this darkened room ALL THE TIME! Why do you think many so called ‘aware’ people are having to take supplements? Extra vitamins and minerals, herbal extracts, re-vitalising essences or are having to wear some re-vitalising energy boosting subtle energy tool?

Any Ideas WHY?

Just a thought . . . but, perhaps learning how to PROPERLY deal with what scares you into using energy protection and shielding and so on might turn out to be RATHER a good idea . . . because then you could start to do something EVEN SCARIER and take all those barriers down . . . Ooooo . . . but that’s possibly just too scary . . .

The loss of awareness never mind common sense epidemic?

How many new things have you been presented with on this page that you’ve never read or considered before? . . .

What if I said that it’s taken me ages to write about these things because I’ve had loads of energetic shit acting on myself trying to STOP me . . . that took about 3 years of daily clearing before I could start to REALLY get my head around these areas and present things as clearly as this . . . and the same energetic crap is acting on you . . . in fact everyone so that the spiritual ‘status quo’ stays the same . . .

Want this subtle ‘crap’ cleared then have a read of this page here.

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