How ALL Spiritual Groups Members Beliefs, Ideas & Ideals are Influenced & Controlled

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

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Yea, we’re all in this together, we’re all one, we’re all aiming for the same end . . . were all one jolly family or big society or ‘whatever’ . . . that’s what we’re told . . . but . . .


Subtle Energetic Means that Force Competition & Rivalry between all Groups . . .

Are you ready for some really REAL ‘truth’?


EVERY SINGLE group, path, way, religion, ideology . . . uses various subtle energetic based means to ‘facilitate’ their members to align to, to hold to and be BOUND to THEIR ideas, understandings, practices, rituals, rules, laws, ideology and assumed ‘truths’ and ‘myths’ and ‘facts’ as well as of course their basic assumptions . . .

EVERY SINGLE group, path, way, religion, ideology . . . uses various subtle energetic based means to try and bind their members to their agenda, their world view and to what they want to achieve as well as of any means they use or try and make this so.

EVERY SINGLE group, path, way, religion, ideology . . . uses various subtle energetic based means to try and PREVENT their members from ‘straying’ from their group, as well as of becoming interested in anything else or of even being able to LISTEN coherently to anything about other ‘ways’. The bottom line is that subtle energetic means are used to make members loyal and devoted.

ALL Groups; Paths, Ways, Ideologies, Causes ‘Manage’ Members in Hidden Subtle ways

MOST group’s, path’s, way’s, religion’s and ideology’s members are managed by subtle energetic means to also have them try to convince others to join their own little fire-walled ‘group’. You’ll easily be able to figure out which groups have this as a priority compared to others . . . Jehovah’s Witness’s . . . Reiki Factions . . . Scientology . . . Christianity . . . come to mind . . .

Bottom line is that all of this permanently acting subtle energetic management of OURSELVES hugely contributes to each of us becoming barricaded into different sets of confining ‘ideas, beliefs, truths, facts and basic assumptions’ boxes. We are each made to be convinced that their own ‘something’ is the best while having almost no ability to ‘openly’ engage with others perspectives or viewpoints or basic assumptions. All because EVERYONE’S thinking, understandings, perspectives and viewpoints are being managed and maintained by subtle energetic means to PREVENT them from doing this.

EVERY SINGLE group, path, way, religion, ideology et al . . . . uses ‘some’ subtle energetic means to manage their membership . . .



The LOWEST Values are the FORCED Outcomes for ALL Groups and Paths

It only took one ‘group’ to start using subtle hidden and influencing means to attract and keep members before others were FORCED to do the same or risk ceasing to exist.

In other words the ‘dividing and separating’ status quo not only marches on, it becomes the norm. All this ensures that the lowest common denominator rules to drag everything down into a dark integrity and value free shit hole. As each are always using more and more of the same to more strongly spell bind, entrance and keep their members then it gets worse and worse . . .

And of course with the likes of spiritual paths, healing systems and just about everything else they all bizarrely purport to hold the higher moral, sacred, spiritual or divine ground or the best means to bring freedom or peace or equality or justice or knowledge or ??? and there is even one group trying to convince people that they have the real ‘facts’ . . . yes REALLY!!!

With the outcome that no group would ever dare admit that they use hidden means to dishonestly and directly influence and hence brainwash their members, violate their freewill and ball and chain them to their own amazing brand of correct, true, rational, moral, sacred ‘wholy dark pit’.

And some people wonder why the status quo grinds on while we all seem incapable of making changes that ever make a difference . . .

All that I describe above is directly and permanently acting on each of us as personal group members. However about 50% of all groups also generate their own varieties of global ‘healing’ energies specifically attuned to directly support and represent their own group.

For a deeper understand of these global / mobile energies and what they generally target then read the next page . . .

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