What are Dark Forces & Demons & Why are they Against the Light?

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

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Have you noticed that as part of being kept on spiritual dark forces terror alert you are regularly reminded to use psychic protection?

Which goes some way to explain why there are about a gazillion web sites all advising healers to put up protection around themselves at the slightest hint of any negativity or entity or reduced ‘energy’ signs.

Why are Dark Forces & Demons Against the White Light?

Have you yourself fallen for the spiritual terrorist no good negative dangerous darkie forces line too?

That’s a good one isn’t it?

How has it been possible to convince a set of people that on the one hand they have somehow resolved their fear and terror issues while having them not quite empowered enough to be able to actually directly confront and check out these imagined fearful things directly for themselves is beyond me?

How has it been possible to convince a set of people that they are being facilitated by beings whom are often said to have unlimited powers while apparently these powers ‘amazingly’ aren’t quite good enough to ‘lovingly’ sort out some negative dark force types?

How has it been possible to convince a set of people that their spiritual hierarchy originated universal healing energies (including absent ones) are so amazingly effective that many imagine these very healing energies will be central to bringing peace and healing to the whole world while bizarrely the same healing solutions aren’t quite good enough to heal those pesky ‘negative’ dark force types?

Not in the slightest?


Why do so called White Light Masters Promote Imaginary Dark Black Force Threats?

As I mentioned on the previous page;

“We are all deliberately subjected to a barrage of advice and scare tactics designed to have us regularly invoking crappy barriers of protection specifically so that each of us over time is gifted with degraded subtle senses, perceptions and awareness.”

The WHOLE and entire point of dark forces scare tactics and the deliberately set up ineffective healing energies, incompetent spirit help and ‘imaginary’ healing and particularly ‘fantasy’ negative entity solutions is ALL maintained to have as many of you as possible invoking barriers of protection as often as possible.

As I’ve pointed out on this page HERE there are so few ‘dark’ force or demon types messing with people compared to so-called light types doing the same that even if you did decide to go and have a good chat with them you’d probably be hard pushed to find any.

It’s amazing how well these so-called ‘love and white light’ divine masters have been at keeping you all on terror alert all because of a handful of ‘dark’ beings which these alleged ‘powerful’ beings apparently cannot sort out themselves?


Why Do the New Age people & New Spirituality Promote Spiritual Racism . . . ?

Surely, someone, somewhere must have made the blindingly obvious association of what the ‘spiritual’ realms colour coding actually represents?

The super spiritual divine ‘LIGHT’ beings i.e. the WHITE beings are the good guys.

The WHITE GOOD GUYS can do no wrong, they are (we are told) working for everyone’s highest will and good AND should be absolutely believed NO MATTER WHAT ‘bat-crazy’ bullshit they spout . . . one the other hand . . . the Dreadful, Disgraceful, Despicable anti-spiritual against the WHITE being types are DARK beings . . . they are AMAZINGLY colour coded as NOT WHITE, they are in fact colour coded as BLACK.

This is likely done in case your subtle awareness is so diminished and reduced by the use of debilitating subtle barriers of protection so that it’s become difficult for you to be able to ‘immediately’ (no ‘REAL’ AWARENESS necessary) recognize the BLACK ‘BAD GUYS’ because they are rendered (in the simulation) in the opposite color (in case the STUPID, WHITE amazingly considered ‘spiritual’ people are not aware enough to immediately discern the BLACK BAD GUYS.

For easy recognition for those with seriously poor awareness, the BAD GUYS are in fact rendered as BLACK . . . AND . . . even WORSE this is done AND the WHITE super supreme people whom have been repeatedly told they are way, WAY more aware than anyone else actually turn out NOT to be very aware of very much at all.

How WHITE SOULS are so unaware that they UNCONSCIOUSLY support & Promote Spiritual Racism

Apparently the highest ‘spiritual’ authority the divine ‘spiritual’ hierarchy want all the barely aware people to be able to recognize that anyone with a BLACK ‘spiritual’ skin, cannot be trusted AND that under no circumstances should they be approached, talked to or even listened too.

REMEMBER . . . ‘IF’ you are approached by a BLACK SKINNED SUBTLE PERSON then immediately call your local spiritual ANTI BLACK SKINNED PROTECTOR guardian being whom will come and attempt to beat the shit out of them OR alternatively chop off the BAD GUY’S BLACK head with his sacred golden sword of death . . . this is apparently necessary to protect those that ‘somehow’ think they are ‘aware’ and that they hold to the highest, whitest, shiniest ‘spiritual’ values . . .

For more on the attitudes of the sacred Divine White Masters and particularly their Director of Operations then read this page here and then the pages that follow this page . . .

What else do they do to make sure you attempt to stay well protected? Read the next page to find out why you’re persuaded to use protection during healing sessions . . .

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