SoulWork, Self Healing & Self Exploration & Subtle & Simulated Reality Investigations

Apart from offering exercises, advice, a free self healing handbook, healing enhancement products and a full time self reclamation course you will also find many hundreds of pages here covering many expanded topics focused on subtle energies, healing, spiritual paths, therapies and new age and lightwork that offer greater detail and more depth of understanding than anything I’ve seen presented elsewhere while also being of an inquiring and questioning, searching and ‘researching’ nature.

Self Discovery; Gaining Deeper & Expanded Understandings of Yourself & the Subtle & Simulated Realities

At the present time there are over 400 pages here covering a range of subtle energy, ‘spirit’, healing, spiritual and lightwork topic areas as well as many articles on evidence that we are in a simulation. Most you can access from the menu item that is immediately above this page or on the right.

There are three ‘main’ article sections (simulation intro is way below);

1. Original SoulWork Articles

These cover my earlier time (15 to 20 years ago) working with different healing, therapy and spiritual modalities and healing approaches and cover my experiences of these and the questions that arose because of my deep involvement in these. The main title pages are in the ‘SoulWork’ menu on the right and below.

2 Scary, Shocking, Terrifying Articles . . .

Then we have articles which describe what I have found because I sincerely and directly investigated and researched the subtle energetic origins and causes of negative and debilitating life issues for myself. A menu of each of these articles main title and entry pages you will find on your immediate right in the sidebar here. Most of the topic titles under each separate series heading lead to between 10 and 30 sub pages.

Soul Healing; Long Term Self & Reality Exploration to Resolve Negative Healing Issues . . .

I have been researching, exploring and above all seriously questioning ‘the nature of our reality AND our healing approaches’ for over 30 years not just for the sake of doing this BUT because I was very serious about and had a vested interest in trying to understand never mind resolve some serious and debilitating personal issues (these are listed on this page HERE) . . . . . . . I had to dig way beyond the edge to be able to resolve each of these issues properly. So, the ‘Original SoulWork Articles’ present some of my earlier explorations and experiences while trying different means to understand and resolve my persistent and debilitating issues. In some of the earlier articles that I wrote 15+ years ago I gave ‘hints’ about some ‘disturbing’ things that I was finding because I was dedicated to openly understand my issues and their subtle origins.I should point out that my training and ‘profession’ is as a medical research scientist (research papers I contributed to in this earlier phase can be found here). So, what is presented in these pages is the work of a ‘real’ scientist unhampered by any delusional assumptions such as: ‘there is only the physical and you can only research ‘properly’ what you can physically see and record’.

Deeper Understandings of Subtle Energetic Realms, Spiritual Realities and Healing Effectiveness

The; ‘New, Scary, Shocking Article Series’ present depths of information and detail on healing, therapies and lightwork and spiritual topics that I’ve not ever seen presented elsewhere. No one would dare as they contradict . . . EVERYTHING!!!!

My debilitating life issues forced me to ask difficult, enquiring but ‘realistic’ questions. For example about how healing works and what is responsible for the negative issues people have and what is ACTUALLY needed to address every single thing that has ever contributed to any debilitating issue. These articles describe my experiences and what I found when exploring the subtle reality more directly and deeply and the ‘real’ subtle causes of issues directly myself rather than assume that our current ‘healing tools and therapeutic approaches’ or so called spirit or healing guides already know ‘everything’ and are actually dealing with all that is contributing to any issue properly at their origins. They aren’t!!!

3. Simulation Argument & Evidence that we are in a Simulation

I’m a researcher and a very competent one AND as someone naturally attuned to investigate the anomalies, the contradictions and the things that just don’t make sense then this is what I’ve been doing.

Having spent almost 3 decades engaging with investigating, and STRIPPING DOWN the subtle strata of reality, then despite that the subtle strata of reality is entirely real (it’s as real as the simulated physical here) then ANY decent researcher would have to be brain dead not to eventually figure out that EVERYTHING OF THE SUBTLE STRATA IS COMPLETELY MANAGED and NOTHING of our healing approaches from ‘medicine’ all the way through to any healing modality you’d care to name are NOT doing anything correctly (read this page here for more details/ a better explanation of this).  Spirit guides are MINDERS, they turn up automatically to provide you with essentially ‘shit’ propaganda (which you are manipulated to ‘believe’ (as I was). However, if you are competent and PERSISTENT then you will eventually manage to figure out that specific issues you simple cannot resolve at all, although, if you make yourself a complete pain in the arse then they are resolved BUT only temporarily (just to get you to F**k OFF, you understand this then read this series here).

EARTH AS A SIMULATION Presenting Copied Simulated People living in a Copied Reality . . .

This and many other oddities eventually had me figuring out that we can only be in a simulation (as software defined copies of other people) AND strangely ‘IF’ you make an effort to THINK about these possibilities then you can start figuring out all sorts of things AND simultaneously you can find yourself accumulating a massive, huge, abundance of easily deducible, readily OBSERVABLE evidence of this being the case. I should ALSO point out that what many people describe as subtle or spiritual experiences AREN’T, many are actually virtual reality and or physical neural implant originated experiences. MANY so called negative ‘subtle / spiritual’ originated issues such as entity and spirit attachments, implants, internal negative voices, spirit guides, higher dimensional beings are also NOTHING to do with the subtle or spiritual either. They are translated VR experiences OR they are due to physical implants as neural enhancements being translated by the simulation INTO  subtle and spiritual experiences to keep their origins obscured. Anyone with ANY issues and ANYONE interested to understand the nature and functioning of our reality should read all of the pages in the following series . . .

State of the art Reality Investigations . . .

There are plenty of articles here presenting the NOT expected . . . . just right for those ready for the REALLY new . . . . also, if you want to know more about me then I’m Clive Hetherington and is probably a good starting place for more general information and background although you could check out my other sites which are listed HERE . . . .