Healing Sessions, ‘Versus’ Having Your Issues Directly & Automatically Investigated ‘REGULARLY’!!!

If you are ‘serious’ about wanting your own issues resolved then you ‘are’ recommended to read this entire page because this gives context to what I am offering now which you will find on this page here, however, rather than ‘immediately’ clicking on that link you are very much recommended to read this page first.

In the past my ‘sessions’ had working with people full time to guide them through a full-time self reclamation, empowerment and self restoration process.

So, I’ve never offered ‘classical’ healing sessions what I used to do is work with people full time (mostly by phone) to ‘remotely’ explore in great depth the issues they wanted resolved. These sessions were often way more detailed and intense than anything I’ve ‘ever’ seen offered by any others.

Because this ‘claim’ may seem preposterous then I’ve deliberately written a 20 page article series (which starts on this page here) that specifically walks you through one single phone session during which myself and my client ‘Shirley’ interactively track down, and identify and then deal with just ‘some’ of what was contributing to the causes of her current health and ‘life’ issues.

Most of these healing session example pages include edited parts of the original phone conversations ‘audio’ files. I recorded all the over the phone healing sessions, because I could then send the audio file to the client via e-mail, which on listening to may then prompt then to have insights about their issues too.

If you read all of the pages of that specific client ‘session’ series then this ‘should’ give you some idea of:

  1. My abilities to remotely access a client in Georgia USA while on the phone in the UK . . .
  2. My abilities to track/hunt down and reveal/identify a whole range of subtle items, subtle shit/paraphenalia as well as subtle beings ‘contributing’ to this clients immediate and ongoing debilitations/negative issues/life problems.
  3. The scale of my understandings, depth of accumulated knowledge as well as . .
  4. My extreme bloody mindedness and unwavering perseverance to find, understand and then find ways to address absolutely all ‘contributions’ to the ‘issues’ being investigated/explored.
  5. Quite often coupled with a very necessary satirical and at times surreal ‘sense of humour’ . . .

Now, in that I’ve 213 audio files of phone sessions with Shirley covering a period of 22 months, then this on average adds up to us having a phone ‘session’ every 3 days. These sessions would take from 10 minutes to just under 2 hours, with an average time of about 45 minutes.

I specifically offered phone sessions because on the one hand my abilities don’t require me to actually have a client physically present to ‘investigate’ them, plus, I’d figured out that the spiritual, new age / lightwork / therapies approaches were all ‘essentially’ what I’d describe as a very sophisticated ‘fantasy’ such that many healing approaches were not so much about having anyone understand and or then properly sort out issues AT THEIR ORIGIN, rather they we’re/are MOSTLY just about making people temporarily ‘feel’ better.

So, the healing investigation phone sessions were about OPENLY & DIRECTLY exploring the subtle body form and subtle environment/circumstances/ORIGINS OF ISSUES with a specific emphasis on trying to identify absolutely every last ‘subtle’ factor that contributed to the issue being investigated.

In other words my approach was the absolute opposite of the common attitudes, which is to ‘trust in spirit’, trust in the Ascended Masters, while being encouraged to ‘NOT’ question approaches or techniques or the advice of so called ‘higher’ beings or the ‘QUALITY/ORIGINS’ of the ‘transmissions’ of healing energies and or healing ‘helpers’ . . . or , just stand back and channel energies, the ‘origins’ and or the composition of which, in most cases the ‘healer’ is oblivious to AND have likely not even be allowed to think of never mind attempt to make an effort to check out/trace back to their ‘source/what is generating/providing these and or to investigate their ‘intentions’!!!!

I should also point out that Shirley had worked with many healers and many different healing approaches before finding myself, so the one session I use as an example in that series (which is typical of most of our sessions) is a testament of the shear scale of subtle shit we found in just one session out of a couple of hundred sessions that ‘somehow’ kept revealing things that everyone else had MISSED!!!

You could sum my approach and attitude up by saying that it’s been about identifying every last bit of subtle crap/shit/manipulations and or any and all hidden factors contributing to each negative issue while more and more working to find/develop the means to easily and quickly deal with these PERMANENTLY.

You could also say that everything I’ve been doing/focused on for the last 15 years has been ‘experimental’ since I’ve become aware of threw out all of the spiritual, new age and ‘lightwork’ fantasy assumptions and more and more so after I started to compile and present evidence that we are in a designed MV and that the new age ‘followers’ are actually simulating people in the original multiverse that ‘followed’ the ‘EARTH AS A SIMULATION’ project.

Coincidentally, despite that ‘Reiki’ et all (and all of the other variations of ‘paint by numbers’ healing systems) had bizarrely openly proclaimed that they are going to  ‘heal the world’ you might have ‘AT LAST’ noticed, that the new age efforts haven’t in the slightest put a dent into our entire population gradually sinking under the weight of more and more increasingly negative/detrimental health and healing issues.

PLEASE NOTE, this is why the first page of this:

Health/Healing ‘STATUS & STATES’ . . . ‘section’ . . . Modern Medicine, Quality of Research & Health Care Approaches, Practices & Recommendations & the Observable ‘Insane’ Outcomes!!! . . . makes our situation very ‘VERY’ clear!!!!

. . . makes it very, VERY CLEAR/OBVIOUS that we are all sinking way, way faster than we can figure out and or develop and or are ‘ALLOWED’ to develop solutions to health/healing issues THAT ACTUALLY ‘WORK’ . . . then this is also partially why I reverted to the automated absent ‘subtle’ healing session solution/approach.

If you read a reasonable number of pages on this web site, (which you are seriously recommended to do (‘AND’ will take you just a fraction of the time it took me to figure out and write them)) then you have some chance of a) gaining at least ‘some’ understanding of WTF is going on or b) because you are interested in what I am offering in terms of my very weird automated absent healing service then you’ll notice that this sites catalogues a mountain load of detailed information covering the subtle and way, WAY more beyond this that many others as healers/therapists don’t even mention.

I have mentioned on other pages here that I’m not really a healer, which is ‘true/correct’ from my own perspectives, I’m a very decent / professional grade / exceptionally competent researcher (I used to be a medical research scientist, however I was way, way to aware and competent to stay in that delusion) who has been trying to understand basically absolutely ‘everything’ required to understand and to resolve my own issues. Which is also why I started working with others and particularly those who had issues beyond my own and or that haven’t been scratched never mind resolved by any so called advanced healing methods in attempts to find out whatTF is really going on and more so what is really needed to ‘understand’ as well as resolve debilitating personal issues PROPERLY.

After 35 years of pushing this research line and having exhausted investigating and identifying the ‘subtle’ crap contributions to negative issues I’m currently very busy working on other ‘none subtle and none physical’ facets of our ‘fake’ designed reality working to identify any/all other factors contributing to these. Hence you’ve about a 100 pages here giving evidence not only that we are in a simulation BUT that most of our new age people are actually each simulating ‘someone’ that was a follower and supporter of the simulation project we are living within.

‘Worryingly’, there is a mass of evidence that this is true. So, if you are interested in ‘shocking’ yourself then read this page here and the two others that follow (then read all of the other ‘earth as a simulation’ pages).

I’m Now Offering Automated Absent Healing Sessions

So, I’ve no longer any interest in the slightest in myself here ‘actively’ working with people, I’ve done that EXTREMELY INTENSIVELY for many years, BUT if you reading this want the benefit of all this work and the ongoing research then rather than sessions I’m offering what I describe as an ‘Automated Absent/Remote Healing’ option as this doesn’t involve me having to hold anyone’s hand or try to explain anything (everything you need to understand is likely already explained on these pages somewhere) because to put it bluntly I’m too busy investigating ourselves as software defined ‘simulated’ people stuck in a reality that seems deliberately designed to be antagonistic to the large majority of the population.

So, since releasing myself from the new age, for the most pert ‘try and keep people in shit while persuading them otherwise’ approaches I’ve been working with within the simulation subtle versions of my original EarthAsASimulation investigation teams as well as the same group ‘outside’, so everything I was doing was always ‘facilitated’ by them, so everything I and them do as part of trying to find ways to push against the head wind of ‘keep people in shit’ to resolve issues would automatically be done ‘when it can be done’!!!!

So, if you are interested in then click on the green link below . . . or this link here: Healing Sessions & Absent Healing Requests/Service